Our mission and approach are inspired by Don Bosco, an 18th century Catholic priest. He had dedicated himself to the education and service of youngsters at risk of life and livelihood and inspired many others to join him.

The Don Bosco Network represented by Bosconet is the face of 354 Don Bosco NGOs working across the country for the upliftment of the marginalised since 1906. It is also responsible for strengthening capacities of the 11 Don Bosco planning and development offices across India, towards developing national strategies to promote sustainable development.

Our chosen areas of focus are the empowerment of the young at risk, empowerment of women and families, skilling youth for life and caring for the planet.  

Our Network

The Don Bosco Network in India comprises of 11 Planning and Development Organisations (PDOs), each dedicated to the development of the Salesian provinces they serve. The Don Bosco network is spread across 29 states and 354 NGOs, reaching more than 10 lakh people.

Million beneficiaries