“We build each other” 10 NGOs come together to fight against COVID

To fight COVID-19 provide information and support during this time of crisis, 10 NGOs have come up with a 15-week Wellbeing Campaign.

Their slogans and hashtags include positive statements like ‘Bring Back the Smiles,’ and ‘We Build Each Other‘.

Partnering with Radio Salesian-The Voice of the Hills, the campaign focuses on providing simple life coping strategies that can also impact the community beyond the scope of the pandemic and would reach every household in the Hills through social media posts, tele-support, local news and community radio broadcast in Nepali.

The speakers representing the NGOs will address issues such as education, music and the arts, social media, physical and mental wellbeing, legal rights, and urgently combating COVID through safety standards and vaccination.

To check up on the community from time to time, the campaign also includes volunteers to respond to the needs of villagers and.

The campaign would encourage other NGOs and media influencers to join the and engage with social media posts to reach out to the community to have conversations that build each other and bring back smiles.

The ten NGOs are Hayden Hall Institute Darjeeling, Gandhi Ashram Kalimpong, DLR Prerna Darjeeling, Encompass Kalimpong, Art Mile Kalimpong, Heart-Works, Sumitra Yoga Shala, Vacay Workers, HIGLE, and DGC.

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