Vision & Mission


BoscoNet visualizes a just and harmonious nation where the youth and marginalized communities are the protagonists of social development through the services rendered by Don Bosco all over South Asia. To attain the same, resources need to be raised from India and abroad, to support the empowering initiatives of Don Bosco institutions.


The mission of BoscoNet is to find the resources needed to create opportunities for young people in South Asia for their growth, health, education, employment, family life and fulfillment in life, irrespective of their caste, color, creed, language, sex or place of origin. We shall spread social awareness and motivate individuals, groups, institutions, corporate and governments to contribute to this service with their knowledge, skills, expertise, services, equipment or cash. We shall be transparent and accountable in all our dealings for the collection and disbursal of resources. We shall excel in the field of resource mobilization, and in the empowerment of individuals, organizations, and institutions in the delivery of services to needy youth to enable them to be assets to themselves and to society.