Ration Aid for the post Covid city of Trivandrum

BOSCONET and Give India procured 495 ration kits to be distributed to people from poor financial backgrounds and a low standard of living. BREADS Bangalore, took on the initiative of distributing these kits to people in various slums and vulnerable places.

The city of Trivandrum has pockets containing some of the biggest slums, over-populated areas and people suffering from the effects of the Covid pandemic.

The karimadom colony is one of the biggest slums in Trivandrum. The inhabitants of this slum are daily wage workers whose lives had become a daily struggle due to a loss of jobs. One such example, an inhabitant of the Karimadom colony, was a lady by the name of Hazeena. Hazeenas husband, the sole breadwinner, lost his job during the pandemic. While trying to be re-hired, the job loss and health issues due to Covid took its toll on him and the family. Bosconet gave the family a ration kit providing much relief to a difficult situation.

MSK Nagar is an overpopulated place in Trivandrum filled with people suffering from financial crisis and struggling to make ends meet. One such beneficiary of the ration kit was Ms. Jayakumari, who lived in the slum with her daughter. Apart from health issues, she lost her job during the pandemic. Unable to meet daily needs, the two were in dire straits. The ration kit came at a time when help was especially needed.

Nemom was another area reeling from the pandemic, where people received rations kits. Mr. Prabahakaran was a senior citizen who was infected with the COVID 19 virus. He worked as a shopkeeper near the Trivandrum railway station. Being a part of the income source in the family, this unfortunate incident affected him severely and he was made to face financial challenges. The ration kit provided to him was of great help in their time of need.

Another story was that of Ms. Jasmine and her 3 daughters from the Trivandrum district of Pullampara. They were deserted by her husband and Jasmine was the only source of income for their family. They faced acute livelihood problems during the partial and complete lockdowns imposed by the state to limit the second surge of the Covid-19 pandemic. This prolonged citation made the situation worse for the family. The ration and food kit came at the right time, to help alleviate some of their sturggles.

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