The Best Teachers Are The Best Learners

Jency JoyCovid-19 has affected universities around the world, causing significant changes to student life.

Talking about the outbreak of the pandemic and lockdowns getting imposed, Jency Joy, a young girl from Tamil Nadu, Jency Joy recalls she dreamt of going to the school for training after finishing her Bachelors in Education. She was disappointed that her dream to work as a teacher got shattered because of the lockdown.

However, that did not stop her. With a thirst for knowledge and a profound interest in educational leadership, Jency Joy decided to stick to the same dream.

“Just because I could not go teach on the school premises didn’t mean I would give up. I have always had this desire to teach kids, so I planned to teach my village children. Sadly, they have been losing their knowledge because of this pandemic. I gathered around 43 children under a tree and started teaching them some basics in all the subjects. Not only did the teaching help them but also helped me to revise my subjects”, she said.

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