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22-year-old Heemu hails from an extremely poor family of Rainawari, a small hamlet in Srinagar (Jammu & Kashmir). Heemu’s father, an illiterate carpenter, toils hard at his profession but cannot provide enough for the family of five (wife and three daughters). Heemu’s elder sister dropped out from school after 12th standard due to financial problem. Though keen to be well educated, Heemu had to quit studies after graduation, as there was no money in the family to afford her fees. As things stood, she was the most educated person in his entire family, and the first to study graduation!

“I was always on the lookout for an employment opportunity, so that I could supplement my family’s income, and also my sister could continue her study without interruption for money, who is now studying in the 10th standard,” says Heemu. She tried few odd jobs after her graduation but due to lack of skills she was offered very meagre salary which was just equalizing her transportation and food expenses. She was eager to accumulate some money for computer training. One fine day, her grandfather informed about the skill development training by DB Tech. He advised Heemu to enrol in it, learn some livelihood skills and try for a job. After the ‘Interest Inventory’ check, her trainers counselled her to take up a course in Hospitality.

The first question that strikes her mind was the course fee for which she gave up her education. But fortunately Govt. of India’s such programs not only give them a push for realise their dreams but also improve their family’s financial condition. Rediscovering her joy in learning, Heemu worked hard during the three-month course and passed out as one of the brightest students of her batch on completion of the course, she got a job offer in Mobineers, a reputed company, with a handsome starting salary of Rs 4500 pm plus incentives. Heemu never touched computer before joining BASE. Besides the domain specific skills, she was imparted a fair knowledge about computer skills, which helped her now in the workplace. Heemu shares, “The training I received also greatly improved my communication skills and personality development. It also taught me some very essential life skills and infused new confidence in me.” In her first salary, first she gave a treat to her grandfather because the credit of her success entirely goes to him.


Finally I Found a Safe Haven

Ragini (name changed), is a 21 year-old girl and an orphan hailing from Mandya district, Karnataka. She completed her SSLC and did not pursue further studies due to abject poverty at home. She lived with her elder brother’s family; but due to some small argument, they asked her to leave home. Being homeless, she sought refugee with her maternal aunt. However, she began to face more harassment at her aunt’s place than at her brother’s place.

Unable to bear the ill treatment, Ragini left home for good. As she was looking for work, a lady who felt pity for her, placed her as a domestic help in Chennai, where she worked for one year. After completing the year’s contract she was called back to Bangalore, only to marry one of her relatives. After four months of marriage, the situation became sour; Ragini was harassed and was subjected to domestic violence. In the meantime she developed some skin disease; when taken to Bowring Hospital for a checkup, she was advised to get her blood tested, which she never did. The following day, the husband’s relatives abandoned her at Shivajinagar, Bangalore. On December 2, 2016, Asst. Sub Inspector Jyothi found her on Broadway street. Joythi took her in the police station and contacted “Finally I Found a Safe Haven” The Salesian provincial conference of south Asia instituted the “Pascual Chavez Award for Innovative model of Salesian Ministry in South Asia” to honour the ninth successor of Don Bosco in the year 2012. The purpose of the award is to give visibility, stimulate innovation in the Salesian youth Ministry to propagate best practice and innovative model of ministry in south Asian region. Bosconet, awarded the program titled “Child Right Education and Action Movement” (CREAM) carried out by Bangalore Rural Educational and Development society (BREADS), Bangalore as the winner of the “Pascual Chavez Aware for Innovative Salesian Ministry” for the year 2016. The first phase of the CREAM project (CREAM I) was one of the major projects of BREADS which was implemented in 10 districts of Karnataka viz. Bidar, Yadagiri, Kalaburagi, Raichur, Bellary, Davangere, Chitradurga, Bangalore, Ramanagara and Mysore for the past 4 years. The programme aimed at educating children, adults and stakeholders about different perspectives of child rights and to empower children to voice and participate in enhancing the present child protection setup. During the course of implementation, a total of 97,900 children were trained and 907 Child Right Clubs were formed. CREAM has also implicated the adult stakeholders for protection of child rights. A total of 17,667 stakeholders including 611 teachers were trained. Moreover 198 stakeholder taskforces were formed and the CREAM Child right Clubs network meetings have complimented the process of addressing the child right issues. All these activity has made a great impact in the participation of children and community in protection of child rights. Inspired by the impact and empowerment of children, BREADS, has launched the second phase of CREAM (2016–2019) to benefit even a greater number of children. The CREAM phase II was officially launched on 5th July 2016. Mr. Tanvir Sait, Minister of Primary and Secondary Education & Minority Welfare, Government of Karnataka, officially launched the second phase of the CREAM project, at Shasakara Bhavana, And the Pascual Chavez Award goes to: The Cream Project! BoscoNet | April – June 2017 13 BOSCO Nivas; the staff from BOSCO came and enquired about her past, and tried to help her trace back her husband; but all attempts to contact her husband failed, as he purposefully switched off the cellphone sensing trouble. BOSCO referred her to Abala Ashraya, Bangalore. On medical test it was learnt that she was HIV+. Ragini was shifted to Deena Nilaya at Kothnur, a centre for HIV infected children and women. Ragini thanked BOSCO for the timely help and assistance. “I will always be grateful to BOSCO for their timely help and assistance.” Ragini (name changed)