Sponsoring Projects

       BNET Projects For Sponsorship
Name of the Project Project Site/Location Benefeciaries Number of years Launched Date Total Cost of the Project (INR)
Direct  Indirect
Improvement in the quality of Elementary Education and Civic Responsibility in District Ahmednagar and District Beed, Maharashtra
District Ahmednagar and District Beed in Maharashtra 1200 children in the villages Parents and guardians of 1200  Children.  3 years 2017 31,51,800.00
Communities in the district.
Technical & Vocational Skill Development Project for the Marginalized Youth in Maharashtra
Mumbai Admissions of 180 Students Families of these 180 students 1 year 2017 65,79,000.00
Placements of 180 students Families of these 180 students
Socio-economic empowerment of women in slum communities of Mumbai in Maharashtra
Mumbai 2500 -5000 members of Self Help Groups Families of these 2500-5000 women 3 years 2016 59,36,976.00
Other women in the slum communities
Socio-economic Empowerment of Women in Slum Communities of Pune
Yerawada, Nagpur Chawl, Chandan Nagar and Vishrantwadi in Pune 300 Low-income women residents of Pune slums Families of these 300 women 3 years Aug-17 23,65,920.00
Providing sustainable livelihood to the youth by providing training in veterinary sciences
Villages in the district of Ahmednagar 30 youth in the target areas The families of these youth 2 years 2017 13,05,600
  30 youth in the target area The village community
Request for financial help for Catechetical Animation and Printing
1. Dibrugarh diocese (Upper Assam 2. Tezpur diocese (Middle Assam) 3. Kohima diocese (State of Nagaland) 4. Imphal diocese (State of Manipur) 5. Itanagar diocese (West Arunachal Pradesh) 6. Miao diocese (Eastern Arunachal Pradesh) The Faithful people of Adi, Aka, Angami, Apatani, Khamti, Kuki, Lotha, Mao, Maram, Rengma, Nocte, Singpho, Tangsa, Tangkhul, Wangcho and Zeliang The religion teachers 1 year 2017 10,40,400.00
Other faithful people in the region
Construction of kitchens in Don Bosco Rajanagar Changlang District, in East Arunachal Pradesh
Don Bosco Rajanagar Changlang District, in East Arunachal Pradesh The inmates of The Boys’ Hostel of Don Bosco Rajanagar, Changlang, East Arunachal Pradesh Parents of the inmates . The Communities in the area. 1 year 2017 14,43,710.00
The Salesian Priests in the house in Rajanagar Don Bosco
Coaching and initiating the students to remedial measures in schools of the North Eastern Region in India
Rural/ Urban areas of Nagaland, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh and Upper Assam 3000 students especially from the weaker section of society in the North Eastern Region of India Parents of these 3000 youths.  General Communities. 3 years 2017 10,44,780.00
Integrated Development and Training Programmes in the Rural/ Urban areas of Nagaland, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh and Upper Assam
Rural/ Urban areas of Nagaland, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh and Upper Assam 3000 Youth in the urban and rural areas in the 3 years of project period Parents of these 300 youth 3 years 2017 44,07,600.00
General communities
Assistance for purchase of Library books, Racks and furniture for Library cum reading room for DBC Golaghat
North East Region Of India a) Young Adults pursuing higher educational studies at DBC Golaghat   1 year 2017 10,20,000.00
b) Class 8 drop out students, undergoing job placement training at Don Bosco Golaghat
c) The Parish youth & Women
Construction of kitchen in Don Bosco Galenja, Bordumsa in Changlang, Arunachal Pradesh
Don Bosco Galenja, Bordumsa in Changlang, East Arunachal Pradesh The inmates of The Boys’ Hostel of Don Bosco Galenja, Bordumsa in Changlang Arunachal Pradesh Parents of the inmates 1 year 2017 16,80,119.60
General communities
Capacity Building and Livelihood Promotion Programme for SHG Members in Karbi Anglong, Assam
Amri, Chinthong & Rongkhang Development block areas of Karbi Anglong District of Assam, NE India 1820 members of the Self Help Groups Families of the SHG members 3 years 2017 56,24,000.00
Local village governance council members
Promotion of Technology on Smokeless Chulha for prevention of smoke related diseases among the rural poor in Baksa district of Assam
19 villages in Kumarikata region of Baksa district of Assam 50 Rural poor households of 19 villages The families ofthese 50 household 1  year 2017 3,36,360.00
The villagers of Baksa district of Assam
Strengthening of Village Primary school in Karbi Anglong District of Assam
Rongkhang, Amri & Chinthong blocks of Karbi Anglong District 8750 Students of 291 schools Parents/guardians of the students 3 years 2017 1,65,79,980
45 Teachers of these 291 schools Other schools in the villages of the 3 blocks
5 supervisors  
Tea Plantation for Forest Dwellers and Jhum Cultivators of Dima Hasao District, Assam, NE India
Umrangsoo regions of Dima Hasao District, Assam, NE India 200 Farmer’s families belong to Forest Dwellers including Jhum Cultivators The families of these 200 farmers 24 months 2017 38,92,320.00
The villagers of Dima Hasao District
Free Coaching to the Marginalized Youth in pursuing a career in public / government service in Gagillapur, Telangana
Gagillapur, Ranga Reddy District, Telangana State 60 disadvantaged youth Their families & communities 1 year 2017 27,72,972
Construction of Toilets for Girls at St.Michael’s ITI, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh
Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh Female trainees of the institute All staff of the Institute 1 year 2017 5,81,400.00
Parents of these female trainees
Provision of De- Fluoridation of Drinking Water for the inmates of ITI, St. Anthony’s Industrial Institute, Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh
The premises of St. Antony’s Industrial Institute, Kadapa, Kadapa district, Andhra Pradesh state, India Inmates of the of ITI, St. Anthony’s Industrial Institute, Kadapa People of the surrounding areas 1 year 2017 5,10,000
Multi Skills Training for the Disadvantaged Youth in Gagilapuram Village, Telangana
Don Bosco Human Resource Development Center (DBHRDC)Gagilapuram Village, Medak District ,Telangana 60 disadvantaged youth Family of these 60 youth 1 year 2017 18,45,180.00
The youth population in and around Gagilapuram Village
Construction of Girls Toilet Complex at Don Bosco School, Punganur, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh
Don Bosco English Medium School, Marlapalli, Punganur, ChittoorDistrict, Andhra Pradesh The girl students in Don Bosco English Medium School, Marlapalli, Punganur All students and teachers of the school 1 year 2017 3, 86,400
Parents of the students
School Bus for Don Bosco Mission High School at Ravulapalem
Don Bosco High School, RavulapalemEast Godavari District – Andhra Pradesh Students of Don Bosco Ravulapalem especially girls in 15 villages of Ravulapalem Parents of the students 1 year 2017 16,56,083.22
Care and Education support for the Poor Children of Fishing Community in Trivandrum, Kerala
Don Bosco Monvila Kulathoor P.O Thiruvanathapuram – 695 583 Kerala, India 50 vulnerable children from fisher folk community Parents of these 50 children 3 years 2017 39,75,960.00
Nutrition and Education for the Marginalized Children in the Urban Slums and Settlements of Bangalore city
10 urban slums/settlements of Bangalore city 600 poor children for mainstreaming Community children & parents, formal schools, local authority, clubs and other NGOs 3 years 2017 46,02,240.00
Prevention of Child labour and school dropouts through education promotion at Ramnagara district in Karnataka state
20 Villages and 5 urban slums at Ramnagara district, Karnataka state, India 750 children in Ramnagara district Parents of these 750 children 2 years 2017 13,17,106.00
400 women and 100 youth in the district 25 teachers in the centres
Communities in the district
Children and parents
Communities in the district
Education Promotion of the Poor Children in the Kolar Gold Field in Karnataka
Susaipalayam, Kolar Gold Field Karnataka 120 children in Kolar Gold Field, Karnataka Parents of these 120 children 2 years 2017 13,80,876.00
Support for the higher education for the Rehabilitated Child labourers at Don Bosco Child Labour Mission, Davangere
Don Bosco 1st Main, Vijayanagar Extension Kondaji Road Davangere 577 006 Karnataka, India 197 rescued child labourers who have completed Class X examination Parents of these 197 children 1 year 2017 21,28,128.00
Local youth
The community
Open Shelter Home for the Children in Need at Kuvembu Nagar in Mysore City
Kuvempu Nagar Mysore, Karnataka 25 young boys at risk condition within the geographical area of Kuvempu Nagar/location of the open
Parents and families of these 25 children 1 year 2017 17,93,160.00
Communities in the city
Empowerment of women and children through education and skill development in Karimadom Colony, Thiruvanthapuram, Kerala
Don Bosco, Deodurga, Raichur District, Karnataka 584 111 India 450 women Families of these 450 women 3 years 2017 50,90,310.00
100 children in the project area Parents of these 100 children
Cinstruction of RC-Higher Secondary School Building
R.C. Primary school Gandhi Nagar Madhurantakam 603 306 Kancheepuram District, Tamil Nadu 300 students of R.C High and Higher secondary school at Gandhi Nagar, Madhurantakam Their parents 1 year 2017 67,58,010
Their kith and kin, colleagues and friends      
Construction of Don Bosco School (Ground Floor) at Nedungadu, Karaikal District, Puduchhery
Don Bosco School, Nedungadu, Karaikal, Tamil Nadu 249 Children Parents and families ofthese 249 childr 1 year 2017 1,60,03,800
Maintenance Cost of the Don Bosco Orphanage at Sagayathottam 
Sagayathottam – located 60 km away from Chennai city on the Bangalore highway 125 inmates, mostly orphans, semi-orphans, destitute and first generation learners with residential care Parents of these 125 children 1 year 2017 12,63,370
Provision of loud speakers, tape recorders and electrical repairs for 10 Maranodai Chapels
Maranodai in Villupuram district of Tamil Nadu 1796 Christians in 10 sub-station chapels of Maranodai Mission 4962 Villagers of Maranodai Villagers 1 year 2017 12,40,160
1796 Christians in 10 sub-station chapels of Maranodai Mission 4962 Villagers of Maranodai Villagers
Provision of furniture for the grown up children living with HIV at Anbagam (A Residential Care Home)
Pope John’ s Garden, Madhavaram, Chennai 10 children Parents/Guardian s of these 10 children. The staff of Care
home at
1 year 2017 5,61,000.00
50 children in the hostel Their parents and guardians
The staff of Care home at Anbagum
Support to Run the Schools for the Economically Under privileged Boys at Kelmbet – Udipi District, Karnataka
Kelmbet – Udipi District, Karnataka The students of three institutions Parents of these students 2 years 2017 24,89,412.00
Teachers in these schools
Support for Salary and Fuel for the School Bus for Don Bosco School at Odxel in Goa
Odxel, Goa, India 1 driver and 1 attendant The students of Don Bosco School, Oxdel, Goa Parents of the students  Teachers of the school 1 year 2017 3,06,000
About 100 students between the ages of 2.5 to 8 years, from Odxel, Siridao, Bambolim, Cacra and the surrounding villages Parents of the students – Teachers of the school
Support for Non Residential Special Training Centres for Underprivileged Out- of- School Children
Chimbel, Colvale, Bicholim, Cortalim , Zaurinagar, Ponda 150 Non – school going children in the age group of 6 – 14 years, especially those of migrant construction workers and scrap collectors Parents of these 150 children 1 year 2017 20,98,650.00
Salary of 2 (Two) Teachers to conduct Remedial Teaching for Needy Children with Learning Difficulties, at Chimbel, Goa
Konkan Development Society, Don Bosco Oxdel, Goa 55 underprivileged children in Chimbel, Goa Parents and families of these 55 children 2 years 2017 1,71,360.00
Support for the Salary of 2 teachers and 1 peon for Don Bosco School, at Odxel, Goa
Don Bosco School at Odxel, Goa 99 students in the Preprimary section of Don Bosco School, Oxdel Parents of these 99 children 2 years 2017 3,67,200.00
Other students of the school
Other teachers of the school
Upgradation of the Carreno Counselling Centre, Panaji-Goa
Carreno Counselling Centre, Don Bosco Oratory complex Panaji-Goa 3000 youth of Don Bosco High School, Panjim, Goa and the oratory Parents and families of these 3000 youth 1 year 2017 4,33,885.00
All the youths in Panaji
Holistic Development of Street and Tribal Children in Coimbatore, Madurai, Salem and Yercaud districts (Tamil Nadu, India) through rehabilitation and education
Don Bosco Anbu Illam at Coimbatore, Madurai, Salem and Sola Illam at Yercaud districts 90 street children and 30 tribal children in the three districts Their families 1 year 2017 27,54,255.00
25 street children in Don Bosco Anbu Illam, Madurai Their families
Career Guidance and Employ ability Skills Development for the Poor Youth in Tamil Nadu (India)
Southern districts of Tamil Nadu state (India) Participants=2800,             Youth Placed = 300 youth Families 2 years 2017 29,49,000
500 poor youth 500 families
1200 youth Parents and Community
Providing Academic and Counselling Support to HIV/AIDS infected children in Nilavarapatti, Salem district, Tamil Nadu, India
Nilavarapatti, Salem District, Tamil Nadu state (India) 50 HIV infected children Families 3 years 2017 61,92,216
25 HIV infected children Families
100 PLHAs Families
Women Empowerment through Self-Help Groups at Sayalgudi, Ramanadhapuram District, Tamil Nadu
45 villages in Kadaladi taluk Rural dalit women members of 120 SHGs 2400 families 2 years 2017 19,70,100
80 women 80 families
Sensitization of the youth on HIV / AIDS and providing life coping skills to enhance their life in the six districts of Tamil Nadu
Coimbatore, Dindigul, Madurai, Namakka, Salem and Tiruppur Districts in Tamilnadu 4,500 youth Parents and Families of these 4,500 youth 3 years  2017 46,31,310
Support for Equipment for Skill Training at Don Bosco ITIs in Trichy, Madurai, Lalgudi, Amsam
Trichy, Madurai, Lalgudi, Amsam 115 students in the 4 it is Parents of these 115 students Within 6 months from the date of receipt of funds 2017 13,61,667
Teachers of the ITIs



1.Technical & Vocational Skill Development Project for the Marginalized Youth in Maharashtra

2IND-004Integrated Development and Training Programmes in the Rural/ Urban areas of Nagaland, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh and Upper Assam