The mission of BoscoNet is:

  • To enable to those in need to access resources which are available for every citizen.
  • To promote research based opportunities and interventions for the young people in South Asia for their growth, health, education, employment and fulfillment in life; irrespective of their caste, color, creed, language, sex or place of origin.
  • To spread social awareness and motivate individuals, groups, institutions, corporate and governments to contribute to this service with their knowledge, skills, expertise, services, equipment or by providing monetary help.
  • To be transparent and accountable in all our dealings for the collection and disbursal of resources.
  • To excel in the field of resource mobilization.

 Our Values and Beliefs

  • We believe in the love that wells out from the heart of every human being that wants to share its love.
  • We believe in the power of the unity of minds and hearts that can change the society so as to ensure a better life for everyone who is born in this word.
  • We believe in the change that can be brought about by the coordinated intervention of the people who care for the other human beings.
  • We believe that transparency, accountability and integrity will motivate many to offer sincere support to the humanitarian ventures.

 The objectives

  • To ensure the Sustainable Development Goals are achieved to benefit all through every initiative undertaken by the Don Bosco Institutions.
  • To create synergy across the diverse development interventions of the Don Bosco organizations for concerted action, wider reach and greater impact.
  • To build consensus on key sectors and specific areas of focus for Don Bosco development activities and appropriate intervention strategies at the national level.
  • To showcase and disseminate best practices, success stories and replicable models of our partner net works.
  • To provide forums for sharing, learning, and information exchange and leverage the expertise and knowledge base of our partner networks.
  • To advocate dialogue and lobby with the government, the corporate sector, other development actors and key stakeholders at national and international levels for strategic development activities of the partners’ network.
  • To represent Don Bosco’s social development vision and strategy at national and international forums, and participate, on its behalf, in other networks and movements in consonance with its vision and mission.
  • To respond promptly and effectively to emerging developmental demands, opportunities and challenges at the national level.
  • To conduct research towards consolidation and enhancement of our existing interventions and initiate further required action.
  • To promote ecofriendly and sustainable development educational interventions to ensure safe environment for the future generation.


  • Developing and facilitating linkages with the government, the corporate sector, financial institutions, donors, various networks and other key stakeholders in keeping with its own vision and values.
  • Mobilizing resources for local, provincial and national level development activities.
  • Organizing donor-partner meets.
  • Creating platforms and forums for inter-partner sharing and learning.
  • Sensitizing partners and building consensus on emerging issues, opportunities and challenges in the social development field.
  • Promoting capacity building at various levels for all partner networks and their members.
  • Showcasing and disseminating best practices, success stories and replicable models of its partners and others.
  • Engaging in dialogue and lobbying for better government policies on issues that the network is engaged in.
  • Mobilizing the resources of Don Bosco Alumni to contribute to the emancipation of the marginalized of the society.