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“Ensuring education and livelihood training for the 3 children of Mr. Naresh and the Tuition Program at Ashalayam”

Bosconet has been involved in the education and support of the children who live under the slums of the Palam Bridge along with the intensive care and education of 3 out the 4 children of Mr. Naresh, namely – Jyoti who is 21 years old, Priya, 19 years and Manish who is 16 years.

Bosconet with support from Don Bosco Mondo is helping these 3 children with their education towards better career opportunities in life.

The oldest child Ms. Jyoti Shah, is pursuing her Bachelor of Arts through the Delhi university and is currently awaiting her 5th semester examination results. Since her degree is through the Open University format of learning, she was able to pursue a course in hospitality at the Don Bosco technical Institute in Hajafgarh, New Delhi. It is encouraging to note that Jyothi cleared an interview and has been recruited as a trainee in the Hyatt Regency in New Delhi as ‘Steward – Food and Beverage’. She is also continuing the English language course that she joined in March of 2021 and will receive a certification for the same after clearing that exam.

The second daughter of Mr. Naresh, Priya (19 yrs ) completed her 10th Standard through the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) and 12th standard in August 2021. Alongside this, her parents have enrolled Priya in a one year computer course in the Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute which is in close proximity to their home. The course started in October of 2021 and is of one-year duration.

16 year old Manish, the third son of Mr. Naresh, is currently pursuing his 10th standard through the National Institute of Open learning. With the written consent of their parents and fulfilling their wishes, he has also enrolled in a computer course for one year in the Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute.

Bosconet’s work, supported by the Austrian embassy, with the children who live under the Palam bridge flyover in Delhi, brought to the forefront that when given the opportunity, most of the children were keen and showed enthusiasm to study and assimilate into mainstream education after an intermediary bridge program.

The children were being educated in schools that, since the Covid pandemic, turned online. This put a stop to their education and the children showed signs of sliding back into prior lives of begging. The lack of jobs and employment for parents pushed this further as even basic needs were hard to meet. This meant that children were once again at the risk of losing a fragile sense of security and hope they received through schooling one nutritious meal a day.

Ashalayam – a Don Bosco home for orphaned children opened its doors to these children providing a space in their very large hall for various activities. Ms. Sonia, the program coordinator and employee at Bosconet, took care of the children through the day. On arrival at the home, a session of cleaning up included a bath, clean clothes and grooming setting them up for the day. Home work given by the schools was completed under supervision and lunch and cleaning up was followed by play time. Regular rations were given to the families of the children who attended to serve as a motivating factor for regularity. These rations provided much needed respite to the many families without jobs or income during the pandemic. The children also took part in celebrations and festivals with much joy. India is a country of myriad religions and festivals and all of these were celebrated with the children regardless. Birthdays were celebrated and the children developed a great fondness for their program supervisor, Sonia.

A total of 42 children have received academic coaching and other support at the centre. These children were kept from going back into the streets and were given a continued sense of purpose and security during the pandemic.

Bosconets’ mission to serve children and bring about a generation of secure individuals is relentless. These programs are beautiful reminders of that mission and a journey of witnessing smiles from the faces of the innocent and marginalized children of our country. The commitment to these children is constant and provides encouragement and hope to lives that would otherwise be filled with a sense of dread. Such programs ensure that the children who come under the care and support of the Don Bosco Network continue to feel that security until such time they are able to spread their wings and fly.

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