Mobile Photography Workshop held at Nitika

Kolkata,Apr. 17 : Nitika Don Bosco, once known as the National Salesian Catechetical Centre, organized a three-day workshop on Mobile Photography, 11-13 April, with 21 participants from varied backgrounds. Father Gilbert Choondal, Director of catechetical services at Nitika and Father Nirmal Toppo, Director of social communication at Nitika were the resource persons of the workshop.

Brother Thomas Carlo, an 82 year old Jesuit currently working at Chitrabani, a Jesuit Media Centre in Kolkata who devoted several years in the field of communication shared, ”I constantly try to update my skills in the rapidly evolving communication technology.”

The first time workshop of this type at Nitika, was the brainchild of Fr. Gilbert who had observed that many of middle age generation lacked the basic skill of using their phone cameras. With Father Nirmal he collated a basic syllabus on mobile photography that would be easy to learn even for senior participants. The workshop covered sessions on camera functions, rules of compositions and great deal of time for evaluations of the photos of the trainees.

Addressing the participants in the opening session Fr. Gilbert said, ”With the advent of mobile phones everyone started clicking pictures. Currently, we see an immense flood of pictures everywhere but while the quantity has increased the quality has suffered. This workshop on mobile photography is a help to bring quality in the flood of photographs.” Father Nirmal added that while some are bashful to take photos with their phones, not using this function of the phone leaves a void in communication. With proper frames and lighting sense, communication with photos from mobile can be more informative, catechetical, inspirational and sometimes even life-saving.

Apart from Br. Thomas Carlo, among the senior participants of the workshop was Sister Leelamma FMM, 78 who came to attend the workshop despite some teasing comments of friends. ”Several persons laughed at me when I told them about my attendance in this workshop but I laughed with them too and came to become a skilled part of photography world.” Sister Leelamma surprised the instructors and fellow trainees with a single shot video she presented at the final evaluation session containing dramatic visualization with little camera shake. The workshop on the second day had included a session on basic videography on mobile phone.

The workshop also had two teenaged boys, Jonathan Gupta and Valentine D’rozario who had hoped for getting few tips in photography and meeting other people in the workshop. ”I would have been happier if we had more youth in the workshop but I am learning technical aspects of photography with this enthusiastic group of senior participants,” said Valentine. The boys helped the workshop with their quick response to sessions and mingled in for group learning exercises.

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