Profile of Bosconet

Bosconet is a resource mobilization unit of Don Bosco India.



SPCI House- Don Bosco, 

B-33, Street No. 7,

Dashrath Puri, Palam Dabri road,

New Delhi-110045



We invite you to join us in partnership to empower and enable every one and primarily youth in need to have access to resources, to live a life with dignity, meaningful occupation, a sense of solidarity to ensure a just world.  

Bosconet is a resource mobilization unit of Don Bosco India.

BoscoNet is a network of Don Bosco social development and resource mobilization organizations and Don Bosco institutions with constituent partners across India. BoscoNet, through its partner organizations, is involved in a vast spectrum of Youth and Community Development Programs across the nation. BoscoNet has a network of partners who empower youth and the communities in every state in India. It promotes the integral growth and holistic development of children, youth and women. BoscoNet joins hands with all people of good will and networks with other like-minded organizations, governments and international bodies for the growth and development of every individual ‘at risk’. It aims at working for the socio economic development of disadvantaged people.

Our Values and Beliefs


We believe in the love that wells out from the heart of every human being that wants to share its love.

We believe in the power of the unity of minds and hearts that can change the society so as to ensure a better life for everyone who is born in this word.

We believe in the change that can be brought about by the coordinated intervention of the people who care for the other human beings.

We believe that transparency, accountability and integrity will motivate many to offer sincere support to the humanitarian ventures.



BoscoNet visualizes a just and harmonious nation where the youth and marginalized communities are the protagonists of social development through the services rendered by Don Bosco all over South Asia. To attain the same, resources need to be raised from India and abroad, to support the empowering initiatives of Don Bosco institutions.


Our mission


The mission of BoscoNet is:

  • To enable to those in need to access resources which are available for every citizen.
  • To promote research based opportunities and interventions for the young people in South Asia for their growth, health, education, employment and fulfillment in life; irrespective of their caste, color, creed, language, sex or place of origin.
  • To spread social awareness and motivate individuals, groups, institutions, corporate and governments to contribute to this service with their knowledge, skills, expertise, services, equipment or by providing monetary help.
  • To be transparent and accountable in all our dealings for the collection and disbursal of resources.
  • To excel in the field of resource mobilization.


The objectives

  • To ensure the Sustainable Development Goals are achieved to benefit all through every initiative undertaken by the Don Bosco Institutions.
  • To create synergy across the diverse development interventions of the Don Bosco organizations for concerted action, wider reach and greater impact.
  • To build consensus on key sectors and specific areas of focus for Don Bosco development activities and appropriate intervention strategies at the national level.
  • To showcase and disseminate best practices, success stories and replicable models of our partner net works.
  • To provide forums for sharing, learning, and information exchange and leverage the expertise and knowledge base of our partner networks.
  • To advocate dialogue and lobby with the government, the corporate sector, other development actors and key stakeholders at national and international levels for strategic development activities of the partners’ network.
  • To represent Don Bosco’s social development vision and strategy at national and international forums, and participate, on its behalf, in other networks and movements in consonance with its vision and mission.
  • To respond promptly and effectively to emerging developmental demands, opportunities and challenges at the national level.
  • To conduct research towards consolidation and enhancement of our existing interventions and initiate further required action.
  • To promote ecofriendly and sustainable development educational interventions to ensure safe environment for the future generation.



  • Developing and facilitating linkages with the government, the corporate sector, financial institutions, donors, various networks and other key stakeholders in keeping with its own vision and values.
  • Mobilizing resources for local, provincial and national level development activities.
  • Organizing donor-partner meets.
  • Creating platforms and forums for inter-partner sharing and learning.
  • Sensitizing partners and building consensus on emerging issues, opportunities and challenges in the social development field.
  • Promoting capacity building at various levels for all partner networks and their members.
  • Showcasing and disseminating best practices, success stories and replicable models of its partners and others.
  • Engaging in dialogue and lobbying for better government policies on issues that the network is engaged in.
  • Mobilizing the resources of Don Bosco Alumni to contribute to the emancipation of the marginalized of the society.


BoscoNet partners geographical area of activity and their Head quarters.


  1. DON BOSCO DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan – MUMBAI
  2. DON BOSCO DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY- West Bengal, Sikkim, Katihar, Purnea District ofBihar, Dumka District of Jharkhand, Nepal – KOLKATA
  3. AIDA Arunachal Pradesh, Upper Assam, Manipur and Nagaland -DIMAPUR
  4. BOSCO REACHOUT- Assam, Meghalaya -GUWAHATHI
  5. BOSCO SEVA KENDRA- Andrapradesh, Telungana – HYDERABAD
  6. BREADS- Bangalore Rural Educational And Development Society Karnataka and Kerala
  7. SURABI- Strategic Urban Rural Advancement Backing Institute – 11 districts in the Northern Tamil Nadu – CHENNAI
  8. BOSCO DELHI- Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Delhi, Punjab, UttarPradesh and Haryana – NEW DELHI
  9. KONKAN DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY Goa, four Districts of Maharashtra and eight Districts of Karnataka –PANJIM
  10. BIDS – Development office- Mizoram, Tripura, Meghalaya – SHILLONG
  11. CAUVERI DEVELOPMENT OFFICE – 21districts of southern Tamilnadu. -TRUCHY
  12. 12.DBDO Development office –Sri Lanka – COLOMBO


We invite you to join us in partnership to bring growth, development and happiness to the poor and the marginalized of the society.


  • We make a difference in the life of the Children, because they are our future.
  • We offer integral education and a lease of new life to the children at risk.
  • We motivate the young people to become agents of Social transformation.
  • We provide skill training and job placement that will change the life of the poor youth
  • We empower the women to take their right place in the society
  • We provide livelihood training for the women to contribute to the economic wellbeing of the family
  • Sustainable development is the core of our effort to lead the young people to a just world.