Helping refugee women build secure futures

December 30, Delhi Thirty displaced refugee women welcomed the opportunity to a new and secure life as they completed the three-month skill training and job placement project launched collaboratively by Polish Aid and Bosconet in Delhi this October.

After the refugee women were identified, they were inducted into the programme, where they attended interactive orientation and motivational sessions. Once they were prepared to make this step towards rebuilding their lives, the women registered for a course of their choice and were enrolled for a comprehensive skill training program at the best Don Bosco institutes. Part of this skill training included useful on-the-job training, where the women learnt the practical use and application of the skills they had learnt over the past months. The course ended with placement of 22 of the 30 women, who will begin their new jobs in the new year. The useful training that they have received will enable these women who were displaced and homeless to take further steps towards building a more secure future for themselves! 

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