Feedback of the beneficiaries of the Project ‘CALLS’

During the seven days of training and fifteen days of field work of the Project CALLS, I have learnt a lot of things: How to plant, maintain and market. Sharing about the seven days of the training, on the first day we had inauguration where everyone was introduced and the purpose of the project was explained. Frs. Selva and Abraham organized the first day. On the second day Selvi. Sangeetha shared with us about how to prepare manure for example amirtha, fish and soap karaisal etc. The following two days Mr. Ramesh educated us with regard to plant propagation, cutting, grafting and bed preparation etc. On the fifth and the six day Mr. Peter taught us about what type of pesticides should be used. He also handled a session on pruning, trimming and thinning etc. On the last day of the training Mr. Rajesh shared with us about his marketing experience and some of the tips for marketing in nursery.

After the first phase of the training, we moved to the second phase: field experience. It went on for fifteen days. All that we have learnt during these seven days we were able to put into practice like bed preparation, planting, cutting and manure process etc. During these days we were assisted by Mr. Dominic, Mr. Michael, Mr.Shakthi and Mrs. Devi and we are very grateful to them. Finally, we are indebted to the fathers of the Retreat for providing these opportunities.

– K. Rubini (ECE 3rd Year)

The seven days of training and the field experience were very useful. During the training I learnt about usage of pesticides, fertilizers, butting, cuttings, grafting and other types of nursery propagation skills, followed by green house, shed and bed preparing to maintain the nursery. On the last day of the training I learnt about the marketing skills. For all these I am very grateful to Ms. Sangeetha, Mr. Ramesh, Mr. Peter and Mr. Rajesh for sharing with us their experiences and teaching us some skills.

The fifteen days of field experience went on very well. It was the first time for me to handle spade, pick axe and other tools of this sort. We were divided into different groups and assigned with works. The team work was very good. Mr.Shakthi trained us in the usage of pesticides and other fertilizers. Mr. Dominic trained us to plant grass on the ground and what are steps to be taken before planting. Mrs. Devi trained us in filling packets, planting seed and cuttings etc. I am very thankful to all these people for being with us and training us in all these things without getting tired. I also thankfully remember Mr.Kamaraj who used to provide some energy drink like coffee, tea etc. Finally, from the bottom of my heart I thank Frs. Raj, Selva and Abi for proving this opportunity for us during this corona virus pandemic situation.
Thank you.

– K. Sasindra (B.Tech)

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