Empowering women and communities

Care and education of marginalised children and youth to foster new beginnings
Women have faced subjugation and discrimination for centuries. A patriarchal society has ensured that women lack opportunities and resources; toil for unpaid, invisible work; and face routine violence. Sustainable development is impossible if women cannot access their social, economic and political rights. Equal participation of women and men in the economy is essential for a nation’s growth.

Don Bosco Network strives to empower dalit and rural women especially, so that they can fulfill their potential. Our women-centric, participatoryprogrammesaim to reduce inequalities between the genders through economic self-reliance and social justice.

1. Economic Empowerment
Our partners have facilitated 6699* self-help groups across India with about 82612* members. Capacity building helps women make decisions, organise themselves, solve their own problems and thus establish autonomy.

s Livelihood training in agriculture, food processing, tailoring and other trades have been given to approximately 2 lakh women. The training is supplemented by financial and technical support to initiate income generation activities. The support entails basic tools, raw materials, incidental expenses; credit linkage and marketing assistance.

2. Social Empowerment
Don Bosco Network adopts a rights-based and participatory approach towards the empowerment of women. Our social development organisationsconducted social justice awareness campaigns in rural districts across India reaching out to 1,50,000* women. These women are now aware of their property rights; legal recourse against violence in domestic life and other legislations which protect their rights. These programmes have united the women to take advocate against child marriages, gender-based violence and exploitation.

Political participation is crucial for social upliftment of women. 12,500* women have been trained to participate in the village and panchayat administrative structures. Women have become active participants in their own emancipation.

Our Network

The Don Bosco Network in India comprises of 11 Planning and Development Organisations (PDOs), each dedicated to the development of the Salesian provinces they serve. The Don Bosco network is spread across 29 states and 354 NGOs, reaching more than 10 lakh people.



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