Empowering the young at risk

The number of children working on the streets of India is said to be at 18 million( Puroht, B. (2011). “Street Children as a Public Health Fiasco”. Peace Review.)  

Like an invisible pandemic, these ‘Young at Risk’ live under extreme poverty and include orphans, vagrants,  school dropouts and child labourers. 

The Don Bosco Network is committed to seeing that these young ones get an opportunity at life. With the help of your donations and support, Don Bosco Network has been able to provide education, homes and socio-economic support to over  287,121 at-risk, marginalized children and youth and that number is growing everyday.

Our efforts and work with children include:


  • Education to over 2,43,920 students

  • Erection of over 2000  higher education institutions/ facilities/ centres

  • Creation of 271 Education centres for dropouts,

  • 94 child care and open shelters across India holding 6269 children

  • Fee payment for over 7000 students caused by a loss of income

  • Upgradation of more than 17 rural schools with technology and teacher training to organize online classes

  • 504 migrant workers children and 2447 street children benefitted

  • 70 children rehabilitated from begging and living on the streets

  • 15,439 children were given counselling, tuition and other facilities

  • 9114 street children in institutions

  • 457 child marriages stopped between the year 2016 – 2020


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