Empowering the Young at Risk

Don Bosco Network cares for and promotes quality education to marginalised children and youth to foster new beginnings

The young at risk (YaR) live in precarious situations on the streets. They are orphans, abandoned, vagrant, school dropouts, child labourers, living in extreme poverty.

We are committed to rescuing them from oppressive situations of child abuse and negligence on the streets, child marriage and child labour.

To provide socio-economic and educational support to marginalized children and youth, Don Bosco Network has

  • Contacted 287,121* Children at risk
  • Educated 235,920 school students
  • 51 higher education institutions
  • 271 Education centres for dropouts
  • Supported 6,909 students in Don Bosco schools who could not pay fees due to loss of income
  • Upgraded 17 rural schools with technology and teacher training to organize online classes benefitting 13,930 rural students.