Effectiveness of play way method for teaching English to Children held for Teachers

New Delhi, Nov. 17. On 17th November, 2018 teachers of Don Bosco School – Kokar, Hatia, Gumla and Kolebira gathered at Kokar, Ranchi campus to attend a very interactive session on English Language and Grammar Teaching. Understanding the importance of English language, not only the English teachers but also teachers of other streams like Hindi, Social Science, Maths and Chemistry etc. also participated actively in the seminar. The workshop was conducted by the resource person Ms. Mini Joseph, a trainer for regular English, Communication Skill and Creative Writing.

The workshop started with a short individual activity in which the teachers were supposed to identify the nouns, verbs and adjectives in the given sentences. The second activity was on building vocabulary in which the teachers used other words for the given adjective. Through these activities Ms. Joseph intended to express how grammar can be taught in a play way method. The workshop then moved on to creative writing. The teachers were shown different pictures and asked to write short poems and compositions. Set of words, phrases and clue words were provided to assist the teacher to write their compositions. These activities were interesting and many teachers came forward to share their poems and stories.

This workshop by Ms. Mini Joseph was a learning experience not only for the English teachers but other too. It was relevant to the topic and well conducted. .

This seminar was sponsored by Madhuban Publications.

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