Cut from the the same cloth, she fabricates her life

A pure balance of determined thoughts and a strong hope, could shape an unwelcoming reality of poverty to a promising future.

Sushma’s transformation from an unfair life to an improved future, a dream that she turned to reality through her determination, to come out of a miserable life of poverty to happiness, not only for herself but also for her family.

Sushma is a daughter of a poor farmer. There are 7 members in the family, which belongs to a maha dalit clan from Muzarffarpur. Ganga Ram, her father was earning a meagre income, that on some days they had to go for only one time meal in a day.

She was very strong and managed to pass her matriculation by borrowing money, note books, pens etc. from neighbour and friends. Unfortunately because of their poor circumstances she failed to study further, but then one day she came to know about Asha Deep one of the Don Bosco’s Skill training centre through one of her friends who was working in a sewing center.

Sushma was fortunate enough to meet the local Sr. nurse from her native place who counselled her on the purpose of Asha Deep centre. Sushma enrolled herself in Nursing Assistant domain under Poorest Areas Civil Society (PACS) project. She acquired 3 months of the skill training to vunerable and marginalized youth from socially excluded groups. After three months of intensive training, she secured a job at Jyoti Bhawan Health centre, Kanti. She is earning 4000 salary with food and accommodation as benefits. She is happy and grateful to Don Bosco.

She says” After completing my training I went home and gathered all unemployed youth in my village to spread the message about Don Bosco Tech and Asha Deep. Now many youngsters from my village enrolled in the skill training program at Asha Deep. She is grateful to Fathers, Brothers, and the Co-Workers for helping her to grow in life.”

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