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Don Bosco Network-BOSCONET (New Delhi – India) More than 50 families with 200 children have been left stranded under the Palam flyover with no access to food or other essentials. They were residents of Harijan Basti slum, near the Palam flyover, before it was demolished by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA). After the demolition, for more than two and half years, these families have been living on pavements and under the Palam flyover. The national lockdown which began on 25 March has left these families bereft of wages, food and other essentials. Don Bosco Network-BOSCONET endeavours to provide relief to the extremely vulnerable who have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic and the ensued lockdown.

Don Bosco distributed ration kits to the distressed families. The kit consisted of 5 kg Rice, 10 kg Wheat, 1 lit. Oil, 1. kg Lentils, I kg Pulses, 1 kg Sugar, 1 kg Salt, ½ kg tea and 3 Soaps which would cater to the nutritional needs of a family of four for one month. These families are living under extremely unhygienic conditions which makes them susceptible to contracting the Covid-19 infection. Therefore, the families were provided with soaps as a risk reduction measure. The relief operations being carried out by the Bosconet is also preventing the migration of the impoverished, to their villages and thereby arresting further transmission of the virus. We thank donors for making possible this support in the dire need of people who are severely affected by Covid-19 Crisis

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The Don Bosco Network in India comprises of 11 Planning and Development Organisations (PDOs), each dedicated to the development of the Salesian provinces they serve. The Don Bosco network is spread across 29 states and 354 NGOs, reaching more than 10 lakh people.



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