Who We Are

BoscoNet is a secular organisation working towards the goal of empowering the young.

The organisation, its mission and methodology are inspired by Don Bosco.He was himself orphaned at the tender age of two and he dedicated his entire adult life to the service of children and young people, particularly the poorest among them. A few admirers and followers of this ‘Father of the Young’ – Salesians, alumni and well-wishers – have come together to form this organisation to carry forward thte vision and mission of Don Bosco.

India, and the whole of South Asia, is passing today through a stage of development very similar to what took place in Italy in the days of our model and guide: rapid industrialisation resulting in a massive movement of uneducated young people to the towns in search of work who are exploited by entrepreneurs; displacement of people in the rural areas as land is acquired for new enterprises; large numbers of illiterate children engaged in earning a livelihood for their families instead of attending school; the rich getting richer and the poor neglected and ignored.

Don Bosco offered his life to educate the children of the masses.

He started vocational schools that enabled young people to find better employment. He counseled and guided them to become self-supporting through honest labour. He made them productive citizens and people of character.

BoscoNet does not own or run any institutions of its own, nor offer any direct services. We support those who are already doing this or intend to start doing it. We seek funds, expertise and other resources that will enable the children and young people from the weakest sections of society to access these services. We lobby the government and people in positions of authority to formulate and/or adapt laws, policies, standard operating procedures, etc., that will favour the young people who are in need. We support people’s movements for justice, equality and human rights.

We act on the firm belief that every human child is a child of God

The greatest glory of God is a complete man. Service to man is service God. We wish to empower young people to bloom to the maximum of their capacity and thus give glory to God.

The Salesians are our first and privileged partners in this work. They guarantee the quality of the education and services offered to poor children with our support. We invite all men of good will to join hands with us to achieve this goal of universal brotherhood and a place in the sun for every child of God.


"Empower Change, Live the joy of true giving." by being a partner with BoscoNet.

BoscoNet, believes in empowering change, especially for the young people who are citizens of tomorrow's world.This website gives a glimpse into the interventions of Don Bosco India to empower people and make them protagonists of change for the better in their own lives. We are persons who believe in being agents of change, in our own way contributing to a better world.

I welcome you to join hands with us, to take forward these initiatives to change our lives and that of others.