Vision & Mission

BoscoNet Vision


Don Bosco envisages a just world, where the youth and marginalised communities are protagonists of social development and are productive citizens, who live a life of dignity and care for our common home-Earth.

Our Mission

Our Mission

  • - To enable to those in need to access resources which are available for every citizen.
  • - To promote research based opportunities and interventions for the young people in South Asia for their growth, health, education, employment and fulfillment in life; irrespective of their caste, color, creed, language, sex or place of origin.
  • - To spread social awareness and motivate individuals, groups, institutions, corporate and governments to contribute to this service with their knowledge, skills, expertise, services, equipment or by providing monetary help.
  • - To be transparent and accountable in all our dealings for the collection and disbursal of resources.
  • - To excel in the field of resource mobilization.


"Empower Change, Live the joy of true giving." by being a partner with BoscoNet.

BoscoNet, believes in empowering change, especially for the young people who are citizens of tomorrow's world.This website gives a glimpse into the interventions of Don Bosco India to empower people and make them protagonists of change for the better in their own lives. We are persons who believe in being agents of change, in our own way contributing to a better world.

I welcome you to join hands with us, to take forward these initiatives to change our lives and that of others.