Shabnam’s Beauty Parlour

Shabnam’s Beauty Parlour

From Poverty to University

Shabnam Shaikh comes from a poverty ridden family from the Bangalipura slum at Antop Hill area in Mumbai. After completing her HSC exam, she began to search for a job but was unable to find one as she lacked the specifications and experience. During this time Shabnam met a Social Worker of Don Bosco Development Society (DBDS), Mumbai who encouraged her to join the four months job oriented Beautician course at DBDS.

Today she has her own beauty parlour called “Shabnam Beauty Parlour” and is well known among young girls and women alike.

Shabnam is now an independent women who supports her family. “I am very grateful to Don Bosco, not merely for giving me an occupation in life but for what I am today”, said Shabnam Shaikh on the inauguration day of her beauty parlour.

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