Don Bosco School pledge for cracker-less pollution free Diwali

Don Bosco School pledge for cracker-less pollution free Diwali

Don Bosco School pledge for cracker-less pollution free Diwali''

New Delhi, Nov. 5 New Delhi, Showcasing the initiative taken by Don Bosco School Alaknanda Delhi, getting twelve Catholic Schools in the Country's capital pledge for a cracker-less and pollution free Diwali this year, the CBCI Office for Education and Culture, Catholic Bishops' Conference of India, reaches out to its thousands of schools across the country to opt for a similar decision in celebrating Diwali.

With smoggy clouds engulfing the city, Delhi has witnessed an uphill ride in terms of quality of air. Pollution has taken a toll on residents. As the festive season of Diwali approached, it was naturally assumed that things would get worse. Ergo, as part of our HPE SEWA activity, our class 12-D took the initiative to spread awareness about the importance of Green Diwali and why bursting crackers might just be the last straw in polluting the environment.

The awareness campaign included a morning assembly organized on the 2nd Nov 2018 in the school and a silent procession undertaken by the students of class 6 to 12 on 5th Nov 2018. To organize such an event, the class was divided into 4 groups with different tasks assigned to each group, namely- the Art Group, the Placards group, the Pledge group and the Speeches Group. This created a great awareness to celebrate the spirit of Diwali.

Fr. Joseph Manipadam, Secretary CBCI Office for Education and Culture says,'' More than 20,000 students from the leading 12 catholic schools in the national capital have courageously taken the initiative that they prefer to enjoy less this year by way of bursting crackers in order to save the children and the elderly from lung disorders and gift them a longer span of life''. It is a small sacrifice to show love and compassion to the people of our own country. The joy and satisfaction in sacrificing a short lived and temporary enjoyment is far more rewarding when it is for the welfare and good health of the vulnerable section of our society.

We recommend that all the schools across the country follow this wonderful example set by the children of these schools. They indeed make us feel proud. This is true love for the country, this is true nationalism and patriotism at its best, as Mother Teresa said, ''We must love until it hurts''. We congratulate these children for lighting a candle instead of cursing the darkness. The little sacrifice they make can inspire thousands of others in a big way. In fact when everyone seems to be throwing up their arms in despair, not knowing what to do as we listen to the endless debates in the media giving continuous coverage to the hopeless situation across north India, these children give us hope and tell the rich, the affluent and the politicians that all is not lost and all of us can and must contribute our own share of good will and compassion and become a little more selfless and caring to improve things so that we can all save ourselves from choking to death or gasping for breath.


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