Care for planet earth

Care for Planet Earth

Our Major interventions in the Environment protection and promotion of Ecology

  • 1. Eco-clubs: To organise Eco-clubs in Institutions and training the members to disseminate the importance of clean-environment, good hygienic concepts, and to develop a keen civic sense among the young people of the five target districts.
  • 2. Tree Plantation Drive: To organise ‘Tree Plantation’ Drive through the Eco-clubs by ensuring the participation of target population.
  • 3. Cleanup Drive: To organise ‘Cleanup Drives’ in the identified localities of the selected five target districts.
  • 4. Environmental Education: To conduct Awareness Seminars, Competitions, and Exhibitions to bring attitudinal and behavioural changes about cleanliness and sanitation practices among the general masses in the selected five districts.
  • 5. Advocacy: To organise Panel Discussions to facilitate mobilisation of support from the local bodies like Municipal / Corporation for upgrading the prevailing sanitation situation.
  • 6. To facilitate safe drinking water
Care for Planet Earth
  • 7. To create infrastructure for sustained groundwater recharge
  • 8. To promote zero-waste concept for hygienic environment and income-generation
  • 9. To construct toilets
  • 10. To promote kitchen garden, vermin composting of the houses in the target villages
  • 11. To maximize returns to the farmers in agriculture and allied sectors through indigenous and organic methods
  • 12. Creation of four Green Cross Guilds (GCGs),
  • Network with local pollution control departments, civil administration, and Self-Help Groups
  • Increased green coverage
  • Enhanced awareness about ecological and environmental issues, and
  • Effective advocacy towards reducing environmental pollution and greenhouse gases control activities.
Care for Planet Earth

Our Major interventions in the Environment protection and promotion of Ecology

  • 13. Watershed management-
  • 14. Preservation water and avoiding water pollution
  • 15. Preservation of land from degradation
  • 16. Conservation of energy in all its forms. (Electricity)
  • 17. Solid pollution and Waste management
  • 18. Avoiding plastics
  • 19. Rain water harvesting
  • 20. Renewable energy usage and harvesting…Solar lights


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