Building from the rubble

Building from the rubble

Building from the rubble

Florence Phawa, a 23 year old lady comes from one of the troubled families located at a small village - Mawlai Phudmuri, on the outskirts of Shillong. Her father left the house leaving the entire family alone and the mother with the two brothers was all alone to fulfil their basic needs, she worked as a labourer to feed the family of 7.

Florence completed her education and completed her class 11 and 12 from Savio Evening College. One Sunday, when she was in church she came to know about the DB Tech BASE programme through the church announcement.

It is a programme under which domain specific skill training is provided to the poor and the marginalised youth, decided with job placement. She visited the Don Bosco Technical School located at Shillong to know more regarding the training and got herself enrolled for the Hospitality domain.

She was one of the intelligent, sharp, disciplined and humble candidates, who was always found keen to learn and earn. After completing the training, she got the chance to be interviewed with Hotel Polaris and got through the interview. Today she is working with the same hotel as a Receptionist. She has come out to a fine example of cheerful courage and determination in the face of persistent adversity.

She calls out happily, “That I am happy to move in life with the opportunities that Don Bosco had to offer and gave me a new hope to stand out amongst the rest.


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