Charles’s story

Charles’s story


Charles Chettri is the son of Cyril Chhetri and Jyoti Rai of Bhanutole village, in Mirik, Darjeeling, who were students of Don Bosco High School Mirik. When they were studying in the School and while Cyril was in Class X and Jyoti was also in the same class they fell in love way back in 2004. They eloped after having completed their Class X examinations. The parents were very upset that before even they could get mature enough or having completed their higher studies they had eloped. They were driven out of the house by the father of Jyoti and they decided to live in the house of Cyril in Dhajea, about 2 hours’ drive from Mirik in Darjeeling District itself. The family cut off all relationship and left them on their own to fend for themselves.  It was really hard time for the family and much more for the new couple who were just too young to get into a serious relationship. Cyril’s family was too poor even for an extra member like Jyoti. They were without money or a home.

The Don Bosco fathers at Mirik came to the rescue of this adventurous couple and decided to make things easier for them. They rectified and blessed their marriage on 11 April 2005. Two years later Charles was born to them on 21st January 2007. They stayed in Dhajea for the next five years and Charles studied in the Gurukul School at Dhajea and when he was 5 years old and time healed the wounds of such a relationship the father of Jyoti decided to accept back the new family to Mirik and admit Charles into Don Bosco High School at Mirik. Charles now 5 years old was admitted into Class 1 in January 2012.

Charles is a very fine young lad today and is now in Class VI. He is one of the toppers in the class at all levels. In Class I he got 98.7%, in Class II he got 98%, in Class III he obtained 97%, in Class IV he got 94 % and in Class V he got 91.41% marks in the final examinations. Also the monitor of the Class as the staff found him with lot of leadership qualities.

Last year 2016, his father Cyril, as a result of the poverty and some domestic problems of family life, disappeared from home for about 6 months, leaving the family in dire straits. During those trying times we were there to help Jyoti to look after Charles and cared for all his needs with the help we received from ADV and other sources. Jyoti worked for a meager income in a small school to keep the family alive. Cyril was tracked down by some NGOs and finally he rejoined with Jyoti and Charles to once again find meaning for their lives. And the good news is that Jyoti and Cyril had a second child after many years when a daughter was born to them on 10th October 2016. They named her Joylin. Charles is now not only busy with his studies but also with his younger sister Joylin. Charles hopes to complete his Class XII studies in Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Mirik.  He wants to become a doctor or engineer. Don Bosco School at Mirik has been a great source of help and encouragement for Charles all these years.

Centre Incharge

Fr Velloor Chacko Jose SDB