Skilling youth for sustainable living

Enable youth with technical and life skills to become productive citizens
Youth in India constitute 34.8% of the country’s total population which is roughly 423 million people. This is an incredible resource for the nation and its utilization can exponentially accelerate our progress. Unfortunately, this segment of the population is plagued with grave problems like marginalization due to socio-economic status; inaccessible resources and unemployment. The youth’s latent potential needs to be developed through educational rehabilitation, technical skilling and providing equal opportunities.

Don Bosco Network understands the paramount importance of educating the youth, equipping them with skills for employment and providing support for settlement. We aim to empower the youth to solve their own problems and create a sustainable life for themselves.

1. Educational Rehabilitation
Childrenin the care of the 72 Young at Risk (YAR) centers across India are supported through higher education based on their capability. They are also provided with non-formal academic education through correspondence courses or distance education courses. Community colleges provide courses and training according to the needs of the society/community.

2. Vocational Rehabilitation
The 120 Don Bosco technical training centers across India provide skill training to 24, 878* underprivileged youth every year. These institutes offer government-approved certificate and diploma courses to school dropouts. Fifty-two Don Bosco career guidance and job placement centers support marginalized youth to find employment.

3. Additional Support
Don Bosco partners support homeless youth in the early stages of their working life with rooms and accommodations. After they have worked and earned for a considerable time, they are provided with economic support to construct or acquire houses. Youth who have grown up in the care of YaR centers are also supported to marry and establish independent lives.

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